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I digress, a little.

Okay, let’s get the particulars out of the way first.  I have been riding, but not as much as I should have, I know.  I spent the weekend in Detroit and couldn’t take the bike with me, so…I missed a … Continue reading

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Ever hit a bump in the road?

I have.  I’m supposed to be riding 2-4 times per week, for one hour each time.  Late Friday night, I got a phone call that my sister had taken my mom to the ER.  After many phone calls and conversations … Continue reading

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What I like about using the trainer.

Tonight, I did my hour inside, using the trainer again.  I really like that  I can watch tv while I’m exercising.  I’m still using the Trek 7100 and I’m liking it just fine.  I’m sure, once I get past the … Continue reading

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2nd day in the books.

I have several observations to make regarding tonight’s ride. 1.  Always take into consideration where the dogs are.  I rode outside tonight (vs. using the trainer the first night) so I got to learn where the dogs are.  Fortunately, along … Continue reading

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I started the program…it hurts.

I’ve been searching for a “program” to get started on this fitness by cycling thing.  However, I couldn’t find anything online and that surprised me.  I emailed someone I know is really into cycling and he gave me a program … Continue reading

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So…I’ve been thinking about getting fit.

Well, actually, I’ve been doing more than thinking.  I have struggled with my weight for about the past 15 years, maybe a few more.  My husband says he can’t understand why, because I really don’t eat much.  However, I think … Continue reading

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