Ever hit a bump in the road?

I have.  I’m supposed to be riding 2-4 times per week, for one hour each time.  Late Friday night, I got a phone call that my sister had taken my mom to the ER.  After many phone calls and conversations with various people, I packed up my girls (and their school books) and headed for the big city.  My dad has Alzheimer’s, so someone has to be with him all the time.  There was no room to bring a bike or trainer, so I’m here for a week with nothing to ride.  I’m going to try to get my exercising in by walking, but that means I won’t have much to say about cycling this week.  That’s life, right?  Things happen and you have to adjust your expectations.  The priority right now is making sure mom has time to recuperate and taking care of dad.  I will exercise and post when I can.

How do you deal with the setbacks that inevitably occur?  Would love to hear from you.

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What I like about using the trainer.

Tonight, I did my hour inside, using the trainer again.  I really like that  I can watch tv while I’m exercising.  I’m still using the Trek 7100 and I’m liking it just fine.  I’m sure, once I get past the being sore all the time, I will have more attention to focus on what I really like or don’t like about the bike.  😉  Until then, I’ll just say that the bike is nice and since the weather was pretty howly tonight, I’m glad I had the CycleOps trainer to use inside. 🙂

Also on the up side, my asthma doesn’t seem to bother me at all when I ride inside.  Still, the change in scenery outside is fun, so I’m looking forward to getting back outdoors tomorrow.

There’s way more to this cycling thing than I first imagined.  I learn something new every day and, despite the current soreness, I’m really enjoying this new venture into fitness.

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2nd day in the books.

I have several observations to make regarding tonight’s ride.

1.  Always take into consideration where the dogs are.  I rode outside tonight (vs. using the trainer the first night) so I got to learn where the dogs are.  Fortunately, along the path I rode tonight, they were all behind fences or too apathetic to care.  I need to mention to the one homeowner that the German Shepherd they bought for security, isn’t.

2.  Riding a bike outside with allergy induced asthma can get tricky, especially when people seem to all think mowing their lawn on the same day is a good thing.  It’s weird how that happens.  Is it just that one person does it, so others hear the mower and think…Oh yeah, I’d better get that done.  Voila!  Many mowers going just as I’m riding by.  Note: bring inhaler next time.

3.  There are WAY more inclines than one would believe by just riding in a car.

4.  It’s fall, but there are still bugs.  Glasses–good thing, yawning–not so good.  😛 😛 😛

5.  Driving by a dead skunk on a bike is exponentially worse than in a car.  cough, cough

6. Last, but definitely not least, I did discover that I can make it to the orchard and back in less than an hour.  Actually, had they been open, I could have gone in and gotten the doughnut and cider and still made it back within an hour.  I suspect that would defeat the purpose of the bike riding, but I will think about that tomorrow.

Here’s my question, for those of you who are really into cycling.  Is it better to ride in a lower gear and do more revolutions or to have more resistance while you’re pedaling?  TIA!!

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I started the program…it hurts.

I’ve been searching for a “program” to get started on this fitness by cycling thing.  However, I couldn’t find anything online and that surprised me.  I emailed someone I know is really into cycling and he gave me a program to get started.   So…I started last night with one hour on the bike.  I can attest to two things at this point 1.  I was unclear about the definition of the word “beginner” when I asked for his suggestions and 2.  I fully understand why he said bike shorts are so important.  I am starting with one hour, 2-4 times per week.  Being the overachiever that I am, I’m going to try the 4 times per week.  We shall see.  I started with a Trek hybrid bike, which I will use for a few weeks, to see how I like it.  I’ll let you know.

For right now, my legs and my behind hurt.  No pain, no gain, right?  Right???

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So…I’ve been thinking about getting fit.

Well, actually, I’ve been doing more than thinking.  I have struggled with my weight for about the past 15 years, maybe a few more.  My husband says he can’t understand why, because I really don’t eat much.  However, I think what I do eat is not best for me.  Also, honestly, I don’t exercise much.  I mean, I clean the house regularly, but beyond that…nada.  I used to LOVE to ride my bike when I was younger.  I don’t mean younger, like all small kids ride their bikes.  I mean, younger, as in old enough to ride for 10 miles or more every day…all over Downriver Detroit.  I want to do that again.  So, I am going to just start.  Beginning next week, I will be blogging once a week about my progress on this whole exercising by riding my bike thing.  I hope you’ll join me.  Well, not literally, ON my bike…but virtually…here.

Also, Leo, the store manager for Road Track and Trail bicycles, will be sharing tips on what to look for in a bike, how to ride, maintenance, etc.  Basically, Leo’s going to be giving us the skinny (pun intended) on all things BIKE.

We’re also hoping many of you from around our area (and beyond, even) will join us by sending in videos of trails you’ve found and enjoyed, things you saw while out biking in your neighborhood, stuff like that.  I hope I don’t have to remind you this is a family friendly site.  😉

So…that’s the general direction we’ll take with our blog here on Road Track and Trail Bicycles.  We hope you’ll come back often to see what we’re up to, get some good ideas…and then get out there and get some great video to send us!!!

Hit the road, track or trail on YOUR bicycle…and let us know about it. 🙂

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