Southern Links Trailway

I am, admittedly, new at this.  I haven’t felt that I was up to riding for a long distance until recently.  So, Saturday, a friend and I decided to try out the Southern Links Trialway from Millington to Columbiaville.

It is an enjoyable ride.  I only wish I could have seen it when the leaf colors were at their peak.  Even without leaves, it goes through some beautiful country….fields, trees, ponds, etc.  The trail is 10.1 miles one way.  We both thought that it was a little harder riding to Columbiaville than back to Millington.  Perhaps the wind behind us on the way back made a difference.

Warning:  many of you know it is gun season here in MI now.  While we were riding on Saturday, we heard people siting in their guns.  I would definitely wear BRIGHT ORANGE if I were going to take this trail right now.

If you get a chance to ride the Southern Links Trailway, let me know what you think.

Got any other suggestions for trails to try?  I’d love to hear from you.

Fitness update:  I’m up to 45 minutes a day on the CycleOps.  I haven’t noticed a huge drop in my weight, but I feel a LOT better already.

About roadtrackandtrailbikes

I blog for Road Track and Trail Bicycle shop in Lapeer, MI about getting fit by biking. We also have others who contribute to this blog as well. Leo Ruhana, store manager for RT&T will be posting tips and advice on all things bicycle. Plus, we'll have some contributions to our vlog from customers in the area. Check back often. My name is Cindy, I'm a mother of 4, working to get fit by biking. Join me on this journey...I need the support.
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