Mackinac Island with the family.

Three Sundays ago, we had the privilege of taking the whole family to Mackinac Island for the day.  My husband was working on a log home for Barna Log Homes, Inc., so we hitched the in-laws’ pop-up camper to the truck and went with him.  He worked while we relaxed on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Actually, at this point he was only doing the tile, so he had some down time to relax with us.  We spent three nights at the Wilderness State Park.  I was surprised at how many great campsites were still available when we got there.  We were able to get a site right on the water.

The highlight of our trip was spending the entire day Sunday on the Island.  We took the 8:30a ferry from the Shepler’s dock in Mackinaw City.  Great people…great service!!  We were able to catch the morning service at the Mackinac Island Bible Church.  Then, after the service ended, we headed back to the Mackinac Island Bike Shop to get bikes for the rest of the family.  I actually brought the hybrid I had with us.  Of course, we were thrilled they carried Trek’s.  We were even able to get a tag-along for the 7yo.  The weather was amazing and the fall colors absolutely breathtaking.

The trip around the Island is 8 miles long, but it didn’t seem that long at all.  At some points along the trail, people have stopped and stacked rocks.  There were a whole bunch of these stacks.  It was very interesting to see them.  I’m still researching the story behind these rock stacks, so I’ll have to post an update later.

After we returned our bikes, we walked around seeing the various shops on the Main Street.  Of course, we had to stop at Murdick’s Fudge Kitchen and let everyone pick their favorite.  Mine will always be maple walnut.  I didn’t feel TOO guilty.  After all, we did ride at least 8 miles that day. 😉  After choosing various trinkets in some of the shops, we headed back to the Shepler’s dock to take the ferry back to Mackinaw City.

If you like a casual ride, this is a beautiful ride to take, especially in the fall.  I highly recommend making the effort to see the Island.

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I blog for Road Track and Trail Bicycle shop in Lapeer, MI about getting fit by biking. We also have others who contribute to this blog as well. Leo Ruhana, store manager for RT&T will be posting tips and advice on all things bicycle. Plus, we'll have some contributions to our vlog from customers in the area. Check back often. My name is Cindy, I'm a mother of 4, working to get fit by biking. Join me on this journey...I need the support.
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