Ever hit a bump in the road?

I have.  I’m supposed to be riding 2-4 times per week, for one hour each time.  Late Friday night, I got a phone call that my sister had taken my mom to the ER.  After many phone calls and conversations with various people, I packed up my girls (and their school books) and headed for the big city.  My dad has Alzheimer’s, so someone has to be with him all the time.  There was no room to bring a bike or trainer, so I’m here for a week with nothing to ride.  I’m going to try to get my exercising in by walking, but that means I won’t have much to say about cycling this week.  That’s life, right?  Things happen and you have to adjust your expectations.  The priority right now is making sure mom has time to recuperate and taking care of dad.  I will exercise and post when I can.

How do you deal with the setbacks that inevitably occur?  Would love to hear from you.

About roadtrackandtrailbikes

I blog for Road Track and Trail Bicycle shop in Lapeer, MI about getting fit by biking. We also have others who contribute to this blog as well. Leo Ruhana, store manager for RT&T will be posting tips and advice on all things bicycle. Plus, we'll have some contributions to our vlog from customers in the area. Check back often. My name is Cindy, I'm a mother of 4, working to get fit by biking. Join me on this journey...I need the support.
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2 Responses to Ever hit a bump in the road?

  1. martinsj2 says:

    First off, I’m sorry to hear about your mom and I hope she is doing ok. As for setbacks, I believe they’re part of the whole activity. Just roll with them as best you can and get back to the bike when things permit. Setbacks can’t defeat you – only you are able to do that!

    Although it pales in comparison to your personal situation, I spent much of July and August dealing with a bicycle that refused to remain in working condition. I’ve suffered three broken spokes, two destroyed pairs of pedals and NINE flat tires this summer. Finally, I decided I was riding the wrong bike (a hybrid) and bought a new one (a road bike). See my blog for my tale of woe!

    Just stick with your overall desire to cycle and the rest will sort itself out. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. Just after I posted this, my mom’s computer died, too. lol If it’s not one thing…right? Anyway, back on track and sore again. 😉

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