2nd day in the books.

I have several observations to make regarding tonight’s ride.

1.  Always take into consideration where the dogs are.  I rode outside tonight (vs. using the trainer the first night) so I got to learn where the dogs are.  Fortunately, along the path I rode tonight, they were all behind fences or too apathetic to care.  I need to mention to the one homeowner that the German Shepherd they bought for security, isn’t.

2.  Riding a bike outside with allergy induced asthma can get tricky, especially when people seem to all think mowing their lawn on the same day is a good thing.  It’s weird how that happens.  Is it just that one person does it, so others hear the mower and think…Oh yeah, I’d better get that done.  Voila!  Many mowers going just as I’m riding by.  Note: bring inhaler next time.

3.  There are WAY more inclines than one would believe by just riding in a car.

4.  It’s fall, but there are still bugs.  Glasses–good thing, yawning–not so good.  😛 😛 😛

5.  Driving by a dead skunk on a bike is exponentially worse than in a car.  cough, cough

6. Last, but definitely not least, I did discover that I can make it to the orchard and back in less than an hour.  Actually, had they been open, I could have gone in and gotten the doughnut and cider and still made it back within an hour.  I suspect that would defeat the purpose of the bike riding, but I will think about that tomorrow.

Here’s my question, for those of you who are really into cycling.  Is it better to ride in a lower gear and do more revolutions or to have more resistance while you’re pedaling?  TIA!!


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I blog for Road Track and Trail Bicycle shop in Lapeer, MI about getting fit by biking. We also have others who contribute to this blog as well. Leo Ruhana, store manager for RT&T will be posting tips and advice on all things bicycle. Plus, we'll have some contributions to our vlog from customers in the area. Check back often. My name is Cindy, I'm a mother of 4, working to get fit by biking. Join me on this journey...I need the support.
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8 Responses to 2nd day in the books.

  1. James says:

    Hi, your post reminded me of the good old days when I was a cyclist. Yeah, nothing like trying to out sprint a dog. I preferred spinning over cracking on a big gear. I think a lot of it had to do with knee strain for me. However, it is really up to the cyclist, because I see both ways being used successfuly.

    Good luck with your cycling!

    • Well, I’ve gotten the spinning response from more than one person, so I will go for that right now. I have had knee issues since high school basketball, so that probably will impact my decision, too. Thanks.

      Do you still ride at all?

      • James says:

        No, unfortunately, I have wanted too but have not been cycling in 15 years. I was planning to this year for cross training, but I started having asthma symptoms in the spring. So, I was having a hard enough time training for a marathon, let alone trying to get back on the bike. Actually, I am a fitness walker who has just got off the couch a year ago, boy did I let myself go. However, I would like to do a century again someday, maybe next year if I can get my health under control.

        BTW, I found you by the asthma tag. I like to read the experiences of athletes struggling with their illness. It keeps me going.

        Take Care…

      • Just take it easy and it will get better, I’m sure. I worked first to alleviate a lot of my triggers (mold & dust are the worst). Now, I’m not so boldly tackling the cardiovascular part. This is my new normal…but I don’t have to let it be as bad as it is, right? I’m doing my part. 🙂

  2. martinsj2 says:

    Shoot for about 70 revolutions/minute. You definitely don’t want to be in too high of a gear (known as “mashing the pedals”) as you will tire very quickly. I’d have to agree with all of your lessons, except #2 as I fortunately do not have asthma. I can tell you from personal experience that a doberman can run up to 20 mph over short distances. Consider getting some mace. Sun glasses are nice in almost all conditions as they keep bugs, dust, and wind out of your eyes. You don’t want to tear up while going 30+ mph in a descent! Skunks are nasty. So is roadkill.

    • LOL…I will invest in the mace, thank you. I have no desire to test your speed of Doberman assertion myself. Like I said, today I happened upon a route with several barking dogs, but all behind fences. Bonus just happens to be that it’s the direct route to the orchard. 😉 Re: skunks…you can ride around roadkill, but there is NO getting around the smell. Beyond nasty!!

  3. Answered via FB. 😉 Right now, focus on a smooth, efficient spin. Learn to shift gears to match the terrain. Plenty of time to work on slow, hard gear turnover later. 😉

    Watch out for those dogs. Even a little dog can ruin your day if they collide with your front wheel.

    The asthma will eventually go away. Mine did.


    • Thanks, following every tip you’re willing to send my way. 😉

      Also, good to know about the asthma. When I was younger and MUCH more active, I definitely did not have as much trouble as now. But, I’ve controlled what I can, so now I’m working on the cardivascular health. I look forward to no more issues.

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